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  • Abhyangam (Body Massage)
  • Abhyangam (Body Massage) + Steam
  • Abhyangam + Ela Kizhi
  • Abhyangam + Ela Kizhi + kadivasthi
  • Abhyangam + Herbal Facial
  • Abhyangam + Elakizhi + Steam
  • Abhyangam + Navara Kizhi
  • Abhyangam + Sirodhara (Stress relief )
  • Abhyangam + Ksheera dhara
  • Abhyangam + Takra dhara
  • Abhyangam + Elakizhi + Siro dhara
  • Abhyangam + Njavara kizhi + Sirodhara
  • Abhyangam + Elakizhi + Siro dhara + Steam
  • Abhyangam + Pizhichil
  • Abhyangam + Pizhichil + Herbal facial

Cauvery Special Packages

  • Weekend Stress Buster – ( Abhyangam + Siro Dhara)
  • Total Rejuvenation therapy – (Abhyangam + Elakizhi + Pizhichil )
  • Sukha Nidra
  • Back pain therapy
  • Slimming Program

Health Tour

We conduct packaged Health tour programs connecting all important traditional heath spots in South India.
Please contact us if interested

Testimonials from our visitors

Cauvery Ayurveda Gramam - profile female

It is a nice and clean Ayurvedic Centre. The doctors and staffs are good. Price is reasonable but Towel should be of good quality

Divya Bharati

Great Place, lovely people and authentic Ayurveda as you can expect from Kerala. Highly recommended!

Aravind Parameswaran

Cauvery Ayurveda Gramam - profile male

Good place, very authentic, Kerala style ayurvedic treatment and refreshing too.I have been to both of their branches in Tirupur and Coimbatore.but can use good quality towel

Sumith v

I went for an Ayurveda treatment the treatment was good at reasonable price and the staff members were helpful nice place for Ayurveda paradise.

Michael david

Cauvery Ayurveda Gramam - profile female

Elakilly treatment in Cauvery is very good for body pain and neck pain. Doctor told me that it’s a mixture of 10 different types of ayurvedic leafs. Anyway its amazing….

Sukanya Subramanian

Testimonial Video

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