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Get Authentic Ayurveda Treatment

Contact our doctors today for a natural, personalized healthcare solution. As you regain your optimum state of health, you will soon learn why Cauvery Ayurveda Gramam is Tamilnadu’s leading traditional Ayurveda treatment company.

Ayurvedic Certified

Ayurvedic Treatments

Pain Management

Ayurvedic Pain Managment
Pain management therapies at Ayurvedic clinic mostly focus on using natural ingredients such as herbal oils, plant extracts or pastes The major Read more »

Depression and Anxiety

Ayurvedic stress managment
Depression and anxiety are often observed to co-exist Too much mental stress is a trigger that can result in mental disturbances leading to Read more »

Body Detoxification

Ayurvedic treatment for Body detoxification
Ayurvedic Enema: A Natural Therapy to Manage Constipation, Acidity, & Gastric Problems Ayurvedic enemas are performed using oil or herbal Read more »

Gastric Problems

Ayurvedic treatment for gastric problems
Gastric problems refer to diseases of organs that are a part of digestive system including the stomach, intestine, esophagus, rectum, etc  A healthy Read more »


Ayurvedic treatment for boost immunity
The immune system is body’s defensive mechanism that fights against infections Immune system is made up of special cells, and organs that are Read more »

Mental Health

Ayurvedic treatment for mental health
Mental health includes our emotional, behavioural and social well-being To have a good physical health it is very important that one has normal and Read more »

Weight Loss

Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss
Ayurvedic Weight Loss programme includes a combination of massage, lifestyle changes and some special Ayurveda medications It is a natural Read more »

Skin & Hair Care

Ayurvedic treatment for skin and hair care
Ayurvedic facial is one of the best natural beauty treatments to get healthy and glowing skin It includes a massage using some special herbal oils Read more »


Ayurvedic treatment for paralysis
Ayurvedic Treatment for Paralysis mainly focuses on helping a paralysed person adapt to life by making them as independent as possible Paralysis Read more »

Elder Care

ayurvedic treatment for aging problems
Ageing is inevitable It is a natural phenomenon and an intrinsic feature of life As we age the body undergoes several physiological changes Read more »

cauvery ayurveda Gramam

Cauvery Ayurveda Gramam, has more than two hundred years of inherited experience in the field of Ayurvedic treatment and rejuvenating therapies, and has branches in different parts of the South India. We have considerably contributed to the knowledge pool of Ayurveda by persistently putting efforts to reinvent the ancient traditional system and disseminate the same to the rest of the world.

We have created thousands of happy clients who lead a better life after having our treatment and relaxation massages. We have a rich pool of professionally qualified and trained therapists.

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Our facilities

Ayurvedic Doctor Consultant

Around the clock Doctor consultation

Cauvery Ayurveda Gramam

Separate section for ladies

Cauvery Ayurveda Gramam

Eco-friendly atmosphere

Cauvery Ayurveda Gramam

Advanced Herbal Steam Bath

Cauvery Ayurveda Gramam

Spacious bath attached treatment rooms

Testimonials from our visitors

Cauvery Ayurveda Gramam - profile female

Divya Bharati

It is a nice and clean Ayurvedic Centre. The doctors and staffs are good. Price is reasonable but Towel should be of good quality

Aravind Parameswaran

Great Place, lovely people and authentic Ayurveda as you can expect from Kerala. Highly recommended!

Cauvery Ayurveda Gramam - profile male

Sumith v

Good place, very authentic, Kerala style ayurvedic treatment and refreshing too.I have been to both of their branches in Tirupur and Coimbatore.but can use good quality towel

Michael david

I went for an Ayurveda treatment the treatment was good at reasonable price and the staff members were helpful nice place for Ayurveda paradise.

Cauvery Ayurveda Gramam - profile female

Sukanya Subramanian

Elakilly treatment in Cauvery is very good for body pain and neck pain. Doctor told me that it’s a mixture of 10 different types of ayurvedic leafs. Anyway its amazing….

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