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Abhyangam is a massage done by using herbal oil. The oil is specially selected for the particular body constitution. The process is long and thorough. More force is used to loosen the excess doshas and direct them toward the organs of elimination. There is a related treatment called Shirodhara, in which warm, herbalized sesame oil is dripped in a stream onto the forehead to profoundly relax the nervous system and balance the Prana Vata, the dosha that exerts control over the brain.

Let your body be self-loved by the magical experience you would get by Abhyangam.

What is Abhyangam?

Abhyangam is an important Dinacharya ( daily routine)in Ayurvedic treatment in which the body is fully massaged with Dosha-specific warm herb-infused oil. Based on the doshas the herbs used differs. Abhyangam is known to be the key to cleansed and moisturised skin. Sesame oil is usually used as the base oil for the massage.

Benefits of Abhyangam –

Abhyangam helps to cure joint pain and nourishes the body tissues by increasing the blood flow all over the body. This helps the body to settle in a balanced state. Abhyangam is also best for contions like dry, coarse hair and flaky skin. The oil penetrates deep into the skin thereby eliminates the accumulated stress and toxins in the mind and body.

* Increase blood circulation
* Muscle toning
* Relaxes the nerves
* Increase mental alertness
* Nourishes your skin and reduces effects of aging
* Melt Kleshma ( fat secretions)
* Stimulates and nourishes internal organs

The calmness gained by the nerve relaxation promotes deeper and better sleep.

Abhyangam brings in positivity physically, emotionally and psychologically which can only be experienced but not explainable through words.

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