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Shirovasthi – Ayurvedic Treatment for Psychosomatic Disorders

Head is an important organ of our body. The whole administrative setup is located within this head. All the activities of our living are governed from here. We need to keep our head strong and healthy for the entire system to be fit and healthy.

In Ayurveda, we have an excellent treatment procedure that looks like and serve the same purpose of ‘water cabin over the roof’. We help the people to understand the mindset and support them for the treatment for psychosomatic disorder.

In this, we build a similar compartment over the head of the patient (can be done as a preventive treatment in healthy people too) and fill it up with different kinds of herbal oils to strengthen the head and its components.

This also cures many diseases and prevents many psychosomatic diseases apart from providing unparalleled relaxation from stress and strain of life. This treatment is called Shiro Vasti or Shiro Basti. In this article we shall try to learn about this wonderful treatment and its benefits.

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