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Training in Ayurvedic Massage & Panchakarma Therapies

Cauvery Ayurveda Gramam is conducting training for Panchakarma therapists. Our Kerala Ayurveda Panchakarma Massage Training courses are prepared by highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field of Traditional Ayurveda in Kerala. We have enough theoretical classes and practical time to allow the participants to understand the Traditional Ayurveda therapies of Kerala. Company is providing free food, Accomodation and Stypend during the period of the training program.

Training Availability:

Any time of the year at the convenience of the student.


No Prior Ayurvedic knowledge required.


6 Months

This program enables you to :

• Understand the Basic principles of Ayurveda
• Perform Body constitution examination
• Determine appropriate massage therapies for common health concerns and knowledge of common massage oils.

Training include Panchakarma and other Traditional treatments like:

• Abhyangam
• Ela kizhi
• Churna Kizhi
• Navara Kizhi
• Udvartnam
• Shirodhara
• Mukhabhayanga
• Podi Kizhi
• Padoabhyangam
• Takradhara
• Tailadhara
• Ksheeradhara
• Kadivasti
• Nasyam

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