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Treating Diseases The Ayurveda Way

The second dimension of Ayurveda is treatment of diseases with medicines. The approach for this is also unique because Ayurveda researches the cause and treats the person rather than studying the symptoms and treating the illness. The cure is in empowering the body than destroying the external organisms.

Ayurveda was very particular that physicians should administer drugs with due cognizance of the external environment and has to apply it only after examining each and every patient individually. The treatment for the same symptom and even disease varies with the patient. Ayurveda details specifics separately, but emphasises a holistic approach.

According to Ayurveda there are three factors in the human body, the equilibrium of which decides whether you are healthy or not. They are called the Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each of these are responsible for specific activities in the human body.

Diseases are the manifestations of the disequilibrium of these body factors. It may involve the excess or scarcity of one or the other as the case may be. According to Ayurveda, medicines should redress the balance, bringing down the excessive one and augmenting the deficient one.

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